Otago University O Week preview

With Lauren Wootton

Orientation Week – or O-Week, as it is known – is a rite of passage for every Scarfie, every year. It’s the ice-breaker for freshers, as well as a student-wide final summer blow-out; a chance to catch up with everyone for a week of alcohol-fuelled revelry (read: total body abuse). And in my mind, the most awesome part of O-Week is the music.

Every year, OUSA put on an ‘official’ O-Week (this year from Feb 18-24), which always includes a sweet musical lineup. Thursday night in Dunedin is Student Night, and Thursday night of this years’ O-Week is the big name: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. With Thrift Shop being decidedly pack-raped by every mainstream radio station known to New Zealanders (yup, I even heard it on Classic Hits!!), I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard of these guys. But OUSA has done well to get such an up-and-coming international down to diiiirty Dunnaz. Their most recent song, Same Love, is all about homosexuality, and it has a MEAN video clip. You can check it out here:

Supporting them are frequent Dunedin visitors HomeBrew, who are worth going to before you even take the other acts into account. And like any good O-Week, we get to see Dunedin’s own Summer Thieves and Max Dad-E, a fun contrast of relaxed reggae inspired skank and hip-hop/rap, respectively. That’s all happening at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

But the big gig for Dunedin music lovers is Saturday night’s Radio One 2-Zone Party. Featured across two stages in Union Hall and ReFuel, it is basically a massive showcase of some of New Zealand’s best alternative talent.

Full disclosure: I am total fangirl of both Two Cartoons and Males. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Attractive young men with instruments? Check. “Sunshine guitar pop” and a building reputation for their ability to play live? Check. What’s not to like? And combined with some of New Zealand’s finest alty acts Artisan Guns, The Nudge, Tom Lark, Fazerface and Left or Right, Saturday night is an absolute smorgasbord of well-established talent. I wanted to pick a video for a bit of a taster, but I like all these guys so much I couldn’t whittle it down to on – despite my considerable love for Males and Two Cartoons. Most of these acts have music available on BandCamp (and you can name your price!) so have a download, have a listen, and be there.

So OUSA has done well to present a line-up with a bit of something for everyone, without leaving out the important Dunedin names. But d’n’b lovers Dunedin-wide may have noticed a significant lack of their favourite spasmodic genre. Here, Dirty Ol Knights have provided. The DJ/music promotion business is hosting a massive gig at 10 Bar on February 20th: the Calyx & TeeBee All or Nothing Tour. If you haven’t heard of Calyx and TeeBee, you’re missing out. Check them out here, then grab your tickets through the Dirty Ol’ Knights Facebook page.


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